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Promoting security awareness and development.

May 2014 meeting

We'll have a panel of cert holders talking about how you get certified, and how useful the certificate it.

We'll also have a guest star recruiter, telling the reality of how recruiters and HR people view certifications.

May 9th, usual time, over at ICBC.  You'll have to RVSP if you want to attend this event.


For this meeting, it is necessary to RSVP to

Update in process

Apologies for the lack of updates recently.  We have been moving to a new platform, and it's taking longer than we thought.  We hope to be in our new home shortly.

January SecSIG/ISMS meeting

Full day combined meeting with ISMS committee


Details pending, see here

December 2013 SecSIG meeting

Kenneth Haertling, CSO of Telus, at Telus.


See here

November 2013 SecSIG meeting

Yvan Boily from Mozilla, location and topic TBD


See here

October 2013 SecSIG meeting

Richard Abbott, topic "Persistent Government Surveillance."  Great presenter and a fascinating presentation.  Check out the slides if you weren't there.

June 2013 SecSIG meeting

Back in The Vault.

Orvin Lau will be giving us a presentation, and then George Pajari will be giving us a challenge to figure out how to ensure USB drives don't take data out (or introduce bad stuff)!


For more details, click here.

May 2013 SecSIG meeting

Chet, at the last minute, gave us two great presentations.  He promised me that they were both under 7 megabytes in size (the limit for uploads to our site here), but, in fact, only the Blackhole kit presentation is small enough.  (I've also converted it to PDF, for those who haven't yet "upgraded" their Microsoft Office to LibreOffice.)


Fortunately, PDFs turn out to be smaller than OPDs, so I was able to get the PDF of the ransomware presentation in here, too  :-)


2013 is our 30th anniversary!

The Vancouver Security Special Interest Group started up in 1983. Therefore, 1983 is our 30th anniversary.

Come out and see Ivan Orton, one of the regular, most interesting, and most entertaining Agora speakers, who will be, quite appropriately, giving us a retrospective of his more than 30 year career in fighting cybercrime! More details here.

Any suggestions for the AGM? Contact our dicussion mailing list or Rob Slade at, or even on Twitter!.

Following on from his presentation in June, George has promised to bring along his USB drive scanner/formatter.  Bring along your toughest USB drives with security issues as a challenge.


Next meeting is Dec. 6.


See note here