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January 11th, 2019 meeting

Fri, Jan. 11, 2019 2:00pm — 4:00pm

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January 11th, 2019


2:00pm to 4:00pm (PST)


KPMG KCampus - 11th floor

777 Dunsmuir Street, V7Y 1K3, Vancouver B.C.

Please be punctual for entry to the meeting room

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FireEye 2019 Cyber Security Predictions


Charles Harden (FireEye)


Please note the floor has changed from the 4th to the 11th floor.



Charles shares FireEye insights into how the threat landscape will evolve as organizations continue to move their data to the cloud. Why security for the cloud requires a different approach than on-premises. Why nations will be seeking to develop offensive capabilities. How organizations are struggling with a shortage of skilled security professionals. What types of security technology will best help defenders.



Charles currently covers western Canada and Federal Accounts for FireEye as a consulting security engineer with a specialization in Cyber Intelligence. Prior to FireEye Charles served as a senior consultant for one of Canada’s largest IT Managed Security Solution Providers working with provincial and federal clients. Charles served as a content contributor to the TOGAF-Next Security Project team and is a member of the Open Group Jericho Security forum.



RSVP Required – register at Eventbrite